Baby changing station vertical stainless steel

Baby changing station vertical stainless steel, CP0016VCS
Baby changing vertical stainless steel.
For wall mounting.
Made of bacterial resistant polypropylene.
Including liner dispenser with lock.
With antimicrobial Biocote® protection.
With nylon straps.
With bag hooks on both sides for your personal belongings.
Recommended installation height:
800 mm at lowest point
700 mm at lowest point (disabled persons)
Produced according the latest EN 12221-1 and EN 12221-2 legislations.
Under no circumstance should the baby be left unattended at any time on top of the baby changing station in order to avoid injury from falling or slipping.
Not suitable for installation on plasterboard or hollow walls.

Baby changing station vertical stainless steel
Baby changing station vertical stainless steel


Article number 14316
Material Stainless steel
Height 480 mm
Width 550 mm
Depth 100 mm (890 mm open)
Weight 16,6 kg
Guarantee 2 years from the date of purchase
Application Wall mounting
Characteristics Including liner dispenser, nylon straps and bag hooks
Version Vertical


Many people with babies and young children will be grateful to see a baby changing table in the sanitary facilities. 

In addition to convenience for parents, safety and hygiene are also important when it comes to small children. The Mediclinics baby changing table is made of bacteria-resistant plastic and has Biocote® antimicrobial additive. The changing table is supplied with a lockable dispenser for changing liners and is equipped with nylon safety straps. The table is equipped with convenient hooks to keep your personal belongings close and at hand. Maximise convenience by adding a pictogram to show there is a baby changing table available in the room. 

Want to make visitors with young children happy? Request a quote now. 

Watch a video about this product here.

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