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Who is All Care?

All Care, located in Veenendaal, grew from being an importer and supplier in 1996 into a manufacturer. By now, wholesalers and architects throughout Europe prefer our unique dispenser lines. Our strength lies in the comprehensive lines of sanitary accessories we have developed. An extensive line allows you to give all the dispensers and other accessories a uniform look. We design and develop products in our own production centers, one of which is located in Germany. We develop products for all segments, fitting with various interior styles.


What does All Care have to offer?

  • All Care B.V. supplies its products for end users exclusively through wholesalers. These are located throughout Europe. Our service is provided by the wholesalers. In the event of any unforeseen defects, your regular wholesaler can help you. Perhaps you don’t yet have a regular supplier or wholesaler? Please contact us. We can advise a wholesaler which best suits your situation. 
  • You can check out all our products and different brands on our website. The products have a description and specification. We offer you the below features on our site: 

Product comparator 
If you want to compare products, tick the products and press the button 'compare products'. The products will be placed next to each other so that you can compare the different specifications. 

Look at our projects to get an impression of our products in sanitary areas. 

Go to the library to download brochures of our brands. 

View our Youtube channel for videos about products and All Care


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What are the benefits of All Care products for you? 

  1. Many of our dispensers are universally refillable; you can use any cleaning product.  

  2. All Care offers you complete lines with corresponding sanitary accessories.

  3. Your sanitary areas are equipped with high-quality products, you have the choice from a range of designs.