Our offered products are applied in the most diverse industries.

All Care BV’s products provide a high level of durability, esthetics and hygiene for various sectors including hospitals, care centers, the hospitality sector, office buildings, shops and schools. The products available are simple to use, easy to clean and universally refillable, which means that you are not dependent on specific brands and types of refills. The products are the result of technical ingenuity and creativity, which means that they are extremely practical. The products have an elegant look and a service life of at least 7 years.

Stainless steel products have specific advantages. Stainless steel is very durable and vandal-resistant, while it is also very hygienic. It is also more difficult for certain substances and bacteria to attach themselves, compared to plastics, for instance. Stainless steel has a pore-free surface and it can be cleaned with water and a non-abrasive cleaner.