Air freshener

Stainless steel/ABS air freshener, PQXAirfresh
Adjustable air freshener for wall mounting.
With lock and PQX key.

With automatic fan, which spreads the smell of the fragrances.
The dispenser need 2 LR20 batteries (not included)

With opening on top for an optimal regulation of the fragrances.
Suitable for the refills Blue Note, Grapefruit, Herb Essence and Cucumber-Melon).


Article number 5758
Material Semi stainless steel/ABS black plastic
Height 255 mm
Width 130 mm
Depth 120 mm
Weight 1 kg
Guarantee 2 years from the date of purchase
Application Wall mounting
Application Suitable for approx. 40 m3
Refill 1 refill (Blue Note, Grapefruit, Herb Essence and Cucumber-Melon)
Characteristics Works on 2 LR20 batteries, with automatic fan, which spreads the smell of the fragrances


In a washroom you have to deal with unwanted odors quite soon. A difficult, but luckily a problem which is easy to solve. The PlastiQline Exclusive air freshener of stainless steel / black plastic will prevent a rapid spread of unwanted odors.

You get style in your house with the PlastiQline Exclusive air freshener. The specially-mounted stainless steel front gieves the air freshener a design like appearance. The sleek design makes the air freshener a discreet but stylish accessory in your washroom.

The air freshener is provided with a special fragrance, which is automatically stimulated. Through this automatic operation, the odor is always evenly distributed. An efficient and stylish solution to unsavory odors.

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